ट्राफिक सचेतना कक्षा: मादक पदार्थ सेवन गरी सवारी साधन चलाउने सवारी चालकहरु तथा लेन अनुशासन पालन नगरी सवारी साधन चलाई ट्राफिक कारवाहीमा परेका सवारी चालकहरु अनिवार्य रुपमा ट्राफिक सचेतना कक्षामा सहभागी हुनुपर्ने छ । ट्राफिक सचेतना कक्षा बिदाको दिन बाहेक दैनिक १० बजे Shrawan 03, Traffic Update:  न्युरोडगेट, भोटाहीटी, जमल, केशरमहल, तिनधारापाठशाला क्षेत्रमा सवारी साधन चापमा चलिरहेका छन् ।  त्रिपुरेश्वर, जडिबुटी, कोटेश्वर, चुच्चेपाटी, चावहिल, मित्रपार्क क्षेत्रमा यतिबेला सवारी साधन चापमा चलिरहेका छन् । चाप रहेको स्थानमा ट्राफिक प्रहरीले आवागमन सहज बनाउने प्रयास गरीरहेको छ । यस बाहेक

Our Mission

To achieve the highest standards of smooth and safe flow of traffic


  • Prevent and reduce accidents.
  • Effective enforcement of traffic regulations.
  • Inculcate a sense of discipline amongst road users and educate the public including school children    on road safety.
  • Ensure smooth and secure traffic movement for special occasions and VIP duties with minimum inconvenience to public.
  • Develop a sense of responsiveness and sensitivity to the needs of the public.
  • Render assistance to public in various stressful conditions such as prompt first aid to accident    victims.
  • Develop the human resources of traffic police.
  • Assist and advice various agencies in coordinated development of infrastructure for smooth and    safe flow of traffic.
  • Ensure protection of the environment and take appropriate steps for prevention of noise and air  pollution.
  • Encourage participation and involvement of public in traffic management.