ट्राफिक प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १०३


History of Nepal Traffic Police

1958 BS                                                 
  • First Car was brought in Kathmandu valley

1978 BS    

  • First Driving License was issued to Gopal Khopase
2003 BS   
  • Vehicle registration system was introduced.
2007 BS   
  • Traffic Control System was enforced by Ramdal.
2009 BS   
  • Traffic Police Detachment was established. First Driving License issued to woman(Machhari Chitrakar).
2012 BS   
  • Traffic Police Detachment was renamed as Central Traffic Company.
2016 BS   
  • Traffic Police were deployed outside Kathmandu valley for first time.
2020 BS   
  • Transport Act was formulated.Training for police was started.
2023 BS   
  • Traffic Light System introduced in Kathmandu.
2026 BS   
  • First Vehicle was provided to Traffic Police.
2029 BS   
  • Communication Radio Sets were provided to Traffic Police.
2029 BS   
  • Start of traffic week
2039 BS   
  • Changed in Traffic dress
2041 BS   
  • One Way system was enforced for first time surrounding  Tudikhel in Kathmandu.
2043 BS   
  • Highway Traffic Police Patrol was introduced.
2049 BS   
  • Central Traffic Company was renamed as Valley Traffic Police Office. Transport Act was replaced by Road and Transport Management Act 2049.
2051 BS   
  • Computerized Record System was introduced.
2052 BS
  • Vehicle Emission Test was introduced. Women Traffic Police Company was established.
  • Modern Traffic Light System was established at Thapathali.
2054 BS   
  • Motor vehicle and Transport management rule 2054 was approved and implemented.
2055 BS
  • Regional and District Traffic Police Offices were established.
  • Agreement was signed between Traffic Police and Kantipur FM for broadcasting Traffic Update Programme to uphold Traffic Awareness.
2058 BS   
  • Traffic Police Directorate was established in Police Headquarters.
2059 BS   
  • Driver's Identity Cards were issued to Taxi and Tempo drivers. Modern Traffic Light system was established at 10 junctions.
2062 BS   
  • Concrete Road Divider introduced to enforce lane discipline.
2063 BS
  • First Women Traffic Police Sector was established at Thapathli.
  • Traffic Control Room was established with 103 Toll free Hunting Line to receive and disseminate the information regarding road traffic.
  • Agreement with Kantipur was renewed and new agreement was signed with Metro and HBC FM for broadcasting traffic news.
  • As Metropolitan Police Concept was introduced in Kathmandu, Valley Traffic Police was renamed as Metropolitan Traffic Police Divisio and Head of this Division, Senior Superintendent of Police started being called as Joint Commissioner.
2065 BS   
  • Traffic sms service was introduced for public support.
2066 BS   
  • Metropolitan Traffic police website was, designed and developed by Nepal Police, Computer Directorate.
2069 BS   
  • Metro Traffic FM 95.6 broadcast was started for traffic awareness.
2070 BS   
  • CCTV control room was established for traffic management.
2073 BS   
  • Traffic Police, Nepal mobile app was launched.
2076 BS   
  • Metro Traffic FM Started broadcasting at 95.5 MHZ