ट्राफिक प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १०३
ट्राफिक प्रहरी प्रमुखको सन्देश


Kathmandu being the capital of Nepal attracts a large number of people from different parts of the country.  The city witnesses a wide range of social, political, and economical activities on an every day basis.  The city’s population is increasing rapidly with a consequent increase in the number of vehicles; with no commensurate increase in road size.   The Metropolitan Traffic Police, despite manpower crunch and surmounting constraints, has been managing the congested traffic of the city with the utmost professionalism and competence.  Our challenges and priorities constitute smooth and unhindered flow of traffic, reduction of accidents and implementing local low cost traffic improvement schemes, to mitigate inconveniences to the road users.  

 We accord highest priority to:  (A) the enforcement of traffic rules & regulations and (B) identification and implementation of area / road specific mechanisms, to enhance road safety for commuters and improve flow of traffic.  Our aim is to make Traffic Police mobile and not a static point-wise duty force.  Appropriate vehicles and motorcycles shall be provided and used, to patrol the streets and to chase and nab offenders, so that traffic rule violators may be effectively apprehended and punished.  We aim to target on red-light jumping, foot-path parking & driving, rash and negligent driving by commercial vehicles,  rash and negligent driving by private vehicles owners, etc.  We are making every effort to identify and introduce modern techniques and state-of-the-art gadgetry in traffic regulations, monitoring, control and enforcement, which has always been the hallmark of Metropolitan Traffic Police.

Imparting Road Safety Education to road users, specially the vulnerable ones, has been and continues to be on our high priority list.  Prosecuting the errant and indiscipline road users through focused and concentrated enforcement action and improving the standard of safety on roads remains our highest priority.

Fatal accidents within the roads of Kathmandu Valley is one major concern and a challenge for Traffic Police.  With strategic duty deployment, study of accident prone areas, and improving traffic routes, road turnings and strategic vehicle parking modalities, we hope to effectively check and reduce the dimensions of roads accidents in and around Kathmandu.

On the part of the public, we have noted an increase in open dialogues, transparency in interaction on suggestions/complaints/problems through emails/fax, which have been institutionalized and strengthened.   On our part, we aim to enhance promptness and timeliness in redressing he problems faced by the public.

This website had been introduced to provide, regularly updated, complete and descriptive information about Metropolitan Traffic Police.  Additionally, it also provides a platform for citizens to interact on traffic issues.

I am confident, that this website will further enhance and strengthen the cohesion of purpose and the bond of mutual trust, coordination, cooperation and collaboration, between the Metropolitan Traffic Police and the Citizens of Nepal.

I request and encourage, each and every visitor to this web-site, to share with us your views and suggestions, as well as spread awareness about the website to their friends and family members and help us to take every action necessary, to make the work of  the Metropolitan Traffic Police – a success.

Our success -  is your success – is the nation’s success:  in effective & efficient traffic management.